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Bringing a Little Music Into the World

The other night while walking home on the BeltLine from Music Midtown I passed by one of the recent art installations.

I’m pretty familiar with this piece as I pass by it twice daily on my morning runs. The solitude of running provides ample time for my mind to wander. I have imagined the artists planning and crafting the sculpture and what their hopes for it might have been.

As I passed by it that night I noticed a group of friends chatting near it. I knew that the sculpture was capable of making music and I couldn’t resist the urge to share. At the base of the installation, the artists had placed a small watering can filled with tablespoons.

Even though I had passed my many times before, that night I plucked a spoon from the can for the first time and used it to strike the suspended metal rods. Each sounded its unique frequency and the gathered friends took note. They had been standing near the sculpture for quite some time but hadn’t realized its potential.

After sharing my tune, I returned the spoon and continued on my way. As I walked on I could hear the friends’ laughter as they made their own song. I’m no musician but that night I was able to share a little music and beauty with the world.


Note: The piece mentioned here is titled "If You Build It, They Will Come" and is by the David Lewis Bean team.